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which SM cricket bat is for me?

Here at SM Cricket we are confident that whatever your style; High-Class batter or Middle order nurdler, we have a bat for you.

Our range is broken down into 4 categories;
• Premium Range; King of Kings, • Swagger, US 100 Plus
• Mid range; Player’s Pride (3 grades of willow), Play On Series (3 grades of willow) & Sultan (3 grades of willow)
• Basic range; Warrior T20, Blaze T20, Sway & Club Fighter
• HK Range; HK Elite, HK 149 & HK 111

We aim to create the highest quality products for all players at every level & for the 2020 season we have taken feedback from our customers and developed our range to provide you with the best-looking cricket equipment on the market.

We know it can be tricky to pick a cricket bat namely; which range, what is the best weight and what you should spend. With that in mind, we wanted to give you this handy guide on what to look out for when choosing the best SM Cricket Bat for you!

why choose an SM cricket bat?

SM Cricket, has been a leading international established manufacturer for decades and we are delighted to now be able to bring you that quality and experience to the UK.

“I’ve used bats from all of the biggest brands and manufacturers but the service and quality of equipment I received from SM is second to none.”

Did you know that we sponsor England International cricketers Heather Knight & Kirstie Gordon as well as Ireland’s Harry Tector, Lara Maritz & Dylan Budge of Scotland?

Bat Size Guide

It goes without saying that picking the right size bat is of utmost importance on your success at the crease. You certainly don’t want anything too big or too small as this will certainly affect your performance.

Bat size is always based on the height of the individual player. This size guide should help you figure out what size bat you require.

How much should I spend on a bat?

Cricket Bats tend to vary a lot in price. Here at SM we have a full range of cricket bats to cater for all levels and abilities. We work out price based on the grade of willow that is used for the bat. A grade 1 bat will cost more than grade 3 or Kashmir Willow cricket bats as it is made from higher quality English Willow.

As a beginner or recreational cricketer, we’d recommend a cricket bat such as The SM T20 Blaze priced at £198. If you take your cricket a bit more seriously maybe a Saturday League player perhaps the SM US 100 Plus would be a good fit or our top of the range SM King of King’s priced at £495.

How is Willow Graded?

Grade 1+ or Grade A is the highest quality of English willow, typically used by international stars but increasingly available through limited edition bats for public consumption. Knots, blemishes and markings should be minimal, while the grains will be straight, even and of a healthy number for a bat. To put it simply, this is a Test match standard cricket bat.

You then descend in quality to Grade 1 (which is still of the highest quality), Grade 2 (B), Grade 3 (C) and Grade 4. With every step down there will be more discolouration and markings, and the grains will be irregular, wobbly and plentiful. G4 cricket bats are likely to be bleached, non-oil and fixed with an anti-scuff sheet as standard.
A rough indicator would be:
G1+: Test match standard G1: Professional standard G2: Top club standard G3: Lower-league standard G4: Beginner standard

But regardless of your current level, you may want the best standard of cricket bat on the market to help you get good value for your cover drives!

What about grains?

When it comes to grains, most of our bats contain generally, between 6 and 12 grains. This means that they are made from the very best high quality willow. Cricket bats with only six grains are likely to be softer, which will lengthen both the knocking-in period and the time it takes for the bat to reach optimum performance.

Size and Weight of your bat

To be honest it’s totally down to your own preference. Here at SM we try to produce cricket bats that a ‘all-rounders’ and suitable for all types of players. Our range of SM cricket bats that have plenty of wood, thick edges and large bow, which still produce maximum power without compromising on a light pick-up.

Typically most cricketers fall into 2 categories:
Front foot player – requires a low sweet spot with slightly more weight
Ariel or back foot player – requires a slightly higher sweet spot but a bit lighter

If you are new to the game then we recommend using a bat with a lighter pick-up, so that you can play back-foot shots and front-foot shot with equal ease. For example, the cut or pull shot (back-foot, square of the wicket) is difficult to play with a heavy bat. You can be sure that we cater for you whatever your requirement.

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