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Bat Care


Preparation of SM Bat

A ladder of multiple steps are essential for preparing the bat’s blade and prevent it from any damage.


Apply a light coat of Raw Linseed Oil to the face, edges, back of the bat blade, evenly using a soft cloth/finger.
• Approximately half a teaspoon.
• Do not oil the splice, handle or labelled areas.
• Allow raw linseed oil to completely dry and repeat this process for 2-3 applications.
• Keep the bat horizontal and face up during drying/absorption. • Do not over oil the bat as it would lead to damage of the blade.


SM Willow Series requires prior KNOCKING before its use. KNOCKING is the process of hardening and conditioning the surface of the blade. The key pointers for knocking in the bat’s blade is:
• To prevent the bat’s blade from any cracks thereby leading to long last performance.
• Enhancing the SWEET SPOT of MIDDLE of the bat leads to a pow- er-packed performance.

Use SM BAT HAMMER i.e. highly durable with two seamless heads for knocking the bats face without hampering or A SM BAT MALLET i.e. Pre- fixed leather ball with customised stump; gently on to the front blade of the bat for around 2 hours – 5 hours (depending on the willow intensity), to slowly compress the fibres in the bat. Gradually increase the force of impacts and slowly work your way around the edge of the bat’s blade until it starts to show and enhanced rounded corner, around the edge.
• Do not stroke the edges or tow of the bat directly.
• Do not stroke the splice, handle or labelled areas.

Finally, start using your bat to play short catches using an old ball, there- by moving to a good quality ball in a light net session, followed by hard shots before using at the match ground.

Essentials for protecting the Bat’s Blade
Leading the way in materials and innovation SM product range encom- passes all the features that a cricketer desires.

Anti-scuff Sheet (Premium)
Shield to guard your English Willow Bat
SM custom designed formula.

Toe Guard (Pack of 2 with Sand Paper & Glue)
An ultimate resilient shield pasted to the toe of bat.
Reduces toe damage and feathering that is often caused by tapping the bat crease.

Fibre Side Face Protection/Repair Roll
Shield to guard your bat.
SM tailor made designed formula.

Bat Oil
Oiling the bat face/edges evenly. For a superior fine coat.


• A bats face, edges and specifically the toe of the bat, must keep dry.
• Moisture content will affect the quality of your bat thereby leading to
visible cracks, split toe and a higher weight.
• Minor surface cracks, blemishes on used SM bats is normal and does
not affect the striking performance of the bat, however this may be refurbished by using the sand paper and applying the linseed oil to the affect areas.
• End of season repair/maintenance will be sufficient.
• Keep your bat in a moderate stable, dry environment and avoid keep-
ing car for longer periods or any other sources of heat.

Warranty Claims
SM Cricket UK provides a 3 month warranty against any manufacturing defects. To claim any warranty against the purchase, kindly provide proof of purchase to your SM partner, wherein the distributor would determine the efficiency of the claim made and assess.

The warranty claims are subject to certain conditions:
• Misuse, water damage, improper Knocking in, surface cracking, dam-
aged edges, damaged toes, alterations from any other manufacturer, excessive use, labels replacement.

All SM cricket equipment range passes through stringent quality testing procedures. For instance, the wooden clefts go through rigorous quality inspection to set different quality grades as per the ICC standards.

As a member of the cricket world society, the management’s philosophy at SM is quite simply to provide a high quality product and exceed the customers expectations.

At SM we believe in delivering Value without compromising. Therefore, our utmost interest lies in the best quality without and sacrifice.

Our Motto for quality “Quality first, Profits secondary”

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